Hiring Process at 1-800-PetMeds

Which position is right for you?

The hiring process begins with your deciding which position best fits your experience and career goals. On our main Career page, we have a listing of the various departments at 1-800-PetMeds and information about the positions available within each. We would recommend that you take a few moments to read these to help determine which position is right for you.

Applying at 1-800-PetMeds

Once you submit your resume and tell us about yourself, we begin the process of reviewing your resume to determine if you meet our minimum requirements for the position for which you’ve applied. Historically, we have always received a large volume of resumes, and expect that this will continue based on the current job market. This volume, of course, lengthens the process to identify and make initial contact with the most qualified candidates. On average, this initial screening may take a minimum of two weeks, so we ask that you be patient and allow us sufficient time to review the resumes in detail. Once it is determined that your experience and qualifications meet our needs, you will be contacted by our Human Resources Department. Since our efforts are focused on recruiting the most qualified candidates, we ask that you refrain from calling for a status update as this takes us away from our primary goal of recruiting. In addition, we also ask that you submit your resume just once as this will help us better manage the process timeline.

The Phone Interview

Once it is determined that you meet the minimum requirements for your desired position, the next step in the process will be the phone interview. This phone interview will be conducted by our Human Resources Department, and the phone interview will consist of a discussion on a variety of topics such as your previous job experience and your schedule availability. During this phone interview, you will also be provided with more detailed information about the position for which you are applying. On average, Phone Interviews may take approximately 30 minutes.

On-site Interviews

Once the phone interview is successfully completed, and you have indicated that you are still interested in being considered for the position, we will invite you to come to meet with us in person. This on-site interview will be conducted at our location in Pompano Beach, FL and is typically a multi-level interview process with our Human Resources Department and management and/or training management of the department for which you are interviewing. The on-site interview process may take anywhere from one to two hours, and while we try to respect everyone’s time and to schedule the interviews so that you can meet with everyone as needed during one visit, we have, in some instances, had to schedule a second visit.

What happens after the on-site interviews?

Once the interviews are completed, we will determine if we believe this will be a mutually beneficial match, and will contact you to advise you accordingly. If we extend an offer to you, we will also discuss the remaining steps in the hiring process, training, and subsequent work schedules, etc. Again, depending on the number of candidates interviewed, this process may take up to two weeks, but you will be contacted by our Human Resources Department once the process is complete.